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Shopping for Home Decor: 5 Tips for Staying Within the Budget

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

When people think home decor, they think expensive, but Pinterest-worthy doesn’t have to mean suffering-bank-account. Home decor is my passion and with that kind of hobby, I need to be ballin’ on a budget. Here are some of my favorite tips and tricks to use when shopping!

1. Have a Plan.

Some of my worst spending days start without a plan. I saunter around all of my favorite stores, piling random, miscellaneous pieces into my cart with no idea where to put them when I get home. Instead, the night before I go shopping, I pick one room I want to work on and find my inspiration through Instagram and Pinterest. I write a list of everything I need to recreate the space and separate based on “must buy” and “DIY materials” (for items you can make yourself). It’s temping to want to buy those random pieces but STICK TO THE LIST!

2. Use Shopping Apps & Coupons.

If it’s not on sale at one of my app/coupon stores, it’s not in my cart! Lots of stores offer great deals if you look for them. Some of my favorites that have saved me hundreds can be found here:

3. Thrift for it.

I almost always check thrift stores before I check the retail stores. I’ve walked away with a car full of decor for less than $50. Thrift stores are full of hidden gems and DIY materials for a fraction of retail prices. Don’t know any good thrift stores around your area? Habitat for Humanity Restores and Goodwill are popular shops to start at. I’ve had luck finding my favorite thrift stores through a Facebook search. Lots of places will post pictures of their new items online so you can monitor the pieces that come in without even getting out of bed. If you see something worth the drive, more often than not thrift stores will hold it for you until you get there.

4. Facebook Marketplace is your new BFF.

The only updates I’m interested in on Facebook are whats new in the Marketplace. This is always my first go-to for project furniture and DIY materials. This stuff is CHEAP and better yet, haggling the price down is even cheaper. Everything from couches, tables, and chairs can be found on Facebook marketplace for pocket change. I find most of my project pieces on here that just need a fresh coat of paint and a hardware change. Make sure to adjust your Facebook marketplace distance to see everything for sale in your area.

5. Check Walmart.

The last place I think of when I think home decor is Walmart, at least for me. Normally I try to avoid this place like the plague but Walmart always has a way of surprising me with some of the things I find; and the price is always right. I can never pass up the price of Walmart’s throw pillows and blankets. And if you’re looking for holiday decor, this is where you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

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