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Shopping Apps & Coupons for the Budget Home Decorator

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

These stores are where I do a lot of my home decor shopping and I’ve been able to save hundreds of dollars using these shopping apps and coupons! Here are my favorites:


• Download “Kirkland’s Spin to Win” app and spin the wheel to get a coupon every time. Don’t like the coupon? I have it downloaded on my husband’s phone too so I get another chance to spin the wheel for a better one.

• Pull up the Kirkland’s website for more in-store coupons right from their homepage.

• Be nice. If I’m buying multiple items, sometimes the cashier will let me ring in each item separately to use the coupon on all of them for crazy savings. If they give you a hard time, bring a friend who can pull up the coupon or come back later to buy the rest.

•Military families receive 10% off their entire purchase every day.

Hobby Lobby:

• Hobby Lobby always offers a 40% off coupon on their site. You can reuse the coupon all day long to get 40% off of every item you buy separately. Bring a friend, get in another line, or come back later to keep using the coupon on each item. The coupon only works on regular, full-price items which is rare for Hobby Lobby anyway.

• Hobby Lobby’s sales rotate weekly. If it’s not on sale now, it will be next week. If you can’t wait for the sale to rotate, use the 40% off coupon and come back to the store next week with your receipt for a price adjustment.

• Two words: Hidden. Clearance. Hobby Lobby loves to hide their clearance sections all over the store: don’t leave without covering the whole place. My Hobby Lobby has the best clearance sections along the very back wall of the store and in the back right corner aisles.


• Download the “Michael’s Stores” app and become a rewards member. Reward members get exclusive coupons and deals that regular customers don’t. All of the regular Michael’s coupons are on this app as well.

• Check your local newspaper for Michael’s ads or ask an employee to be put on their mailing list. The coupons that come in snail-mail from Michael’s are some of the best deals I’ve seen. 50% off items, 60% off items, 30% your entire purchase including sale items…the mail ones are the best.

• Check competitor coupons and ads. Michael’s will take coupons from Jo-Ann’s, Hobby Lobby, and A.C. Moore’s and price match on specific items. Check with your local store about accepting “total purchase” coupons (20% your entire purchase) as mine is a hit or miss.Teacher’s (15%), military families (10%), and seniors (10%) get total purchase discounts every single day. Show them an ID or badge and save on your entire purchase.

• Check the bottom of your receipt. More often than not, you’ll find a $5 off $25 or 25% off coupon for taking a short survey.

Jo-Ann Fabrics

• Download the “JoAnn- Shopping & Crafts” app and join their mailing and email list for coupons. JoAnn’s has some of the best coupons I’ve seen.

• Check competitor coupons. JoAnn’s is one of the few stores that allow you to double up on coupons and use more than one on the same transaction.

• Check the bottom of your receipt for survey coupons.

• Military and teachers get 10% off their entire purchase every single day.

• Find the clearance. JoAnn’s almost always has one of the best clearance sections I’ve seen for home decor.


• Download the “Target” app to use their Cartwheel. Using the app is as simple as scanning your items from your phone for additional markdowns and savings. Target price matches with competitors. Pull up the ads on your phone or bring in a copy of the ad for a lower price. Occasionally, Targets website will offer lower prices than those in store. When you scan your items using the Target app, double check the price of the item online and have the cashier price match if the item is cheaper online.

• Not that it even needs to be said, but browse though the dollar spot. Sometimes I won’t even check out the rest of the store if the dollar spot is that good. So many great home decor finds hide in that tiny maze.

• Find the clearance section. Some of my best clearance steals have been in the way back of the store hiding amongst the outdoor furniture and end caps in the center of the store. Take a double look at some of the furniture in the boxes, too. Target doesn’t put those items in a specific clearance section and will mix those little yellow stickers right in with the rest of the full-priced furniture.

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