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DIY Drop Cloth Curtains & Industrial Rod

Drop cloth curtains are the only type of curtains I have around the house (well, besides Blake's terrible sun blocking curtains that actually feel like cardboard 🙄) because they're so inexpensive, don't require any sewing, and the color is perfect! Their ivory/antique white color and linen texture makes them so perfect for a farmhouse style home. You could use them on almost any type of curtain rod but I love to make my own using iron piping! Here's how:

You'll need (per window):

* I highly recommend not buying the pipe fittings online. It doesn't look like Lowe's and Home Depot offer every pipe size online and the selection will be much better in store! I linked them so you could see what they look like, but some are not the right size.

The Curtains:

9 x 12 Drop Cloth Curtains

Curtain Clips

The Curtain Rod:

Drywall Screws*

1/2 inch Black Iron Floor Flange (x2)

1/2 inch Threaded Black Iron Pipe**

1/2 inch B&K Black Iron Elbow (x2)***

Power Drill (optional-kind of. It's much easier with one and you can get one for as low as $30 on Amazon!)

*Make sure the head of the screws you choose are large enough so that they won't slip through the holes on the floor flange when you attach it to the wall.

**Keep in mind the length of this pipe will vary depending on the size of your window but the ends need to stay 1/2 inch so everything fits together. They sell them in foot long increments. I bought the 1/2 inch x 3ft since my windows were small.

***It's important that you buy the elbow piece with the exposed threading. I linked it so you could see what it looks like, but they don't offer the correct size online.

The Curtain Rod:

1. Screw the exposed threading side of the elbow pieces into the tops of the floor flanges.

2. Screw one end of the pipe into the elbow piece.

3. Slide your curtain clips onto the pipe (do this now because you won't be able to later) and screw the other end of the pipe into the other elbow piece. It should look like this: (I'm doing 2 windows, so I have 2 rods).

.4. Once I measured the wall and centered the rod over the window, I used a pencil to outline the holes in the floor flange where the screws will go. When both ends are marked, put the curtain rod aside and drill your screws about halfway into the holes and then remove them so you're just left with only holes in the wall (It seems counter productive, but this part will help you tremendously when you go to actually hang the curtain rod).

5. Place the curtain rod back up on the wall and line up your floor flange pieces with the existing holes. Screw the drywall screws back into the holes to install the curtain rod to the wall (It's 10x easier when the holes are already pre-made).

The Curtains:

1. Lay your drop cloth out on the floor to find the center (it's usually creased).

2. Cut along the crease with a pair of scissors so you have two 6 x 9 panels.

3. Wash and dry both panels normally.

4. Lay the panels out again and remove the tangled strings and fray with scissors.

5. Hang the drop cloth panels onto the curtain clips.

Curtains can completely change the look of a space. I love how cozy and functional they are and you can't beat the price of these! I hope this tutorial was useful for putting together your own drop cloth curtains. Thanks for reading!

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