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81 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

I like to keep this part as short as possible because I know no one wants to scroll through my entire Valentine's Day life story like that time my boyfriend asked another girl to prom on Valentine's Day. Anyway, here's 81 gift ideas that I would've rather had:

Gift Ideas

  1. Airpods

  2. Chocolate Fountain

  3. Engraved Watch

  4. Custom Cutting Board

  5. Alexa Auto - I just bought this around Christmas & I'm obsessed! It's Alexa for your car!

  6. Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

  7. Bluetooth Beanie Hat

  8. Picnic Set - So cute for dates!

  9. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

  10. LoveBook Online - Create a personalized gift book that lists all the reasons why you love someone

  11. Leather Orbit Key - Organizes your key chain (and no jangling!)

  12. Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - Thought this was so unique!

  13. Tiny Gold Heart Necklace

  14. Engraved Pocket Knife

  15. Bartender Kit

  16. Letters to my Love Capsule - Like the "open when" letters

  17. 5 Love Languages Book

  18. Couples Bucket List - 100 unique date night ideas

  19. Engraved Wallet

  20. WatchBox - This is a really nice way to display watches!

  21. ManCrates

  22. VineBox - Personalized wine delivery

  23. Custom Stickers - Would be super cute on laptops, hydroflasks, etc.

  24. The Night Sky - Create a custom star map for any special date (anniversary, birthday, first kiss, etc.)

  25. Custom Puzzle

  26. How to Stay Alive in the Woods - "A Complete Guide to Food, Shelter and Self-Preservation Anywhere" Thought this was super unique for an outdoorsy person!

  27. Slippers (Men)

  28. Custom Tote

  29. Magnetic Bottle Opener - We have one of these on our fridge, it's so cool!

  30. Charging Station

  31. Slippers (Women)

  32. Scratch Off Map - Scratch off map of all the places you've traveled to together!

  33. Candle Making Kit

  34. Mad Libs - People still play these, right? 😂

  35. Hydroflask Beer Growler

  36. Caramel Apple Kit

  37. Yard Game Giant Beer Pong

  38. Our Moments - Conversation starters for couples

  39. Fill In Love Book - What I love about you fill in the blanks

  40. Flask Set

  41. Cigar Humidor

  42. Engraved Leather Key Holder

  43. Ember Coffee Mug - Control the temperature of your drink from an app on your phone!

  44. Smartphone Lens Camera - Thought this was so cool! It's a wide angle and macro camera lens that you can attach to your phone camera.

  45. Oversized Sweatshirt - I could definitely use one of these. Lol

  46. Oversized Sherpa Shirt

  47. Exploding Kittens - 2 people recommended this board game! 😂

  48. Weighted Blanket

  49. Bath Caddy

  50. Paint By Number Kit - These look so fun & there's so many options!

  51. Photo Travel Map - Super unique way to display where you've traveled together with pictures

  52. Wine Tumblr

  53. Bath Bomb Set

  54. Microwavable Slippers - Yes, microwavable slippers. I didn't even know these existed 😂

  55. Fondue Pot

  56. Portable Charger

  57. Heart Shaped Glass Mug

  58. DIY Bath Bomb Kit

  59. Soap Making Kit

Funny Gift Ideas

  1. Charmin Forever Roll - A toilet paper roll that lasts a month. Lol

  2. My Face Boxer - Yep, your face. His boxers 😂

  3. Porn for Women Book- It really is. 😂

  4. MeUndies - Matching undies with your partner

  5. Custom Bobblehead

  6. Sarcastic Wrapping Paper

  7. "You Aight" Valentines Card

  8. Death Wish Coffee- Supposed to be the world's strongest coffee with a ton of caffeine!

  9. Anatomically Correct Heart Plush

Un-linkable Gift Ideas

  1. Comedy show tickets

  2. Sports game tickets

  3. Spa certificate

  4. Boudoir pictures

  5. Date night ideas jar

  6. Themed gift basket (sports, colors, alcohol, bath, candy)

  7. Beef jerky bouquet

  8. Lottery ticket bouquet

  9. Paint & drink class

  10. Tattoo date

  11. Theme park tickets

  12. Concert tickets

  13. Date night basket (gift cards to restaurants, movies, bowling, etc.)

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